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What is a baby nurse or newborn specialist?

A "baby nurse" is an industry term that means a newborn specialist or caregiver. Baby nurses are experienced and trained in the care of newborn babies. They are non-medical care providers.

When would our baby nurse start with us?

Newborn Care Specialists usually arrives when baby is home from the hospital or they may help you bring the baby home if you choose.

How long should we book a baby nurse?

Baby nurse bookings are usually anywhere from 26 day to 6 months; although some jobs extend up to one year! Although it may be difficult, it is best when you know in advance the amount of time you’d like to book so we can reserve the baby nurse.

Do we get to interview baby nurses and choose who we want?

We recommend baby nurses based on availability, location and hours needed. We are very selective and maintain the highest quality standards for our pool of qualified baby nurses. If however, you’d rather speak or meet with a baby nurse before hand, that can be arranged as long as they are not currently on an assignment.

What are the minimum requirements?

There is one week minimum (26 days) and We offer hourly (day/night) and 24 hour baby nurses.

How does payment work?

The baby nurse will be paid directly by you at the end of each week. (No English speaking cost RMB7000-10.000 per 26 day) If you looking for English speak need 2 month in advance .You can pay her by cash or check. The agency is paid separately by credit card on file based on the duration of the assignment. If you looking for English speak need pay 10% of agency fee as deposit .

What type of Sleep Accommodations do I need for a live in or night nurse?

Whether you have an estate of a studio apartment, baby’s room, guest room or living room sofa may all be suitable. Baby nurses generally sleep in the same room as the baby unless you prefer to bring the baby to her when needed.

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Family Information

Contact us directly at: Office:010-5642-9208 Mobile:(86) 159-1050-7956 (24/Hour)
Email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The selection process begins when you contact us directly or E-mail us with your requirement. Shortly thereafter a representative from the agency will call you to review your application and learn more about your family. We then match the qualities and experience you desire in an employee to one of the highly qualified candidates in our agency. We will only send a candidate for an interview that we believe is highly compatible to your family’s needs and wants. We spend the time to get to know you and your families needs and firmly believe in quality over quantity.

Please check here for your family budget

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Butler Service

9Contact us directly at: Office:010-5642-9208 Mobile:(86) 159-1050-7956 (24/Hour)
Email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



The service that serve in the family who have more then 2 children and the parents both need to work need a person to supervise children and house what we called Butler Service.The Service include child care, children tutoring housekeeping cooking plan a party Assist Employer management other staff Making sure that all of the "must be done" things are done which would be housework such Cleaning,Laundry,Ironing.Shopping Cooking for the family etc

It may classify in to two types: 1. The butler which serve focus on Children 2. the other maid which helps the butler in preparing food cleaning etc. They can also acted like a cook or chef in the house if they have talent. If not, they will just serve it right a way.

All of our Bulter (Female)
  • Are certified in Newborn Care
  • Have proof of Experience with Children
  • Have excellent references.
  • Have good Experience with cooking (Chinese food and Western food)
  • Speaking English and fluently in mandarin.
  • College or above

We only place highly qualified and skilled bulter that are perfect for family A nanny ayi, babysitter,childminder, child care, housekeepers baby nurse and Chinese governess or tutors provider in Beijing