Nanny Beijing Client Service

Before you hiring

Background Investigations: A professional pre-employment screening service will run a check on each nanny at the time of hire, which includes:Criminal background search, including sex offender registry, Identity verification ,Social security trace,Driving History

Personal Interview: Assesses experience, appearance, hygiene, professionalism, and personality.
Application:Covers the nanny's education, training in childcare, family information, personality profile, outside interests, skills and availability. We will share the application with you during the search process.
Documentation: The nanny's proof of eligibility to work certificate in China, driver's license, proof of Health certificate, and a ID card. Copies of these documents will be on file in our office. Family Application: will guide you in writing a complete job description.
Client/Agency Agreement: clearly explains our obligations to you.
Nanny/Family Work Agreement: covers duties, hours, salary, conditions of employment,.

One week trail with nanny before you paying any coin as you know no one will guarantee will help you find a good one so we willing to give you a week trial before you hire her and sign the contract,。

After you have hired a nanny

A month probation period:After a week trail we will sign the contract and you still have a month probation,if during the time the nanny unable to complete the work of the contract agreed or you are not satisfied her services or the nanny call to terminate the contract without valid reason. Then we will arrange the new one with in 24 hours.

Unlimited time free replacement:
If a nanny placement does not work out, the agency will make additional replacement referrals free of charge during a specified guarantee period.

Employee management system
24 hours Bilingual Assistants: You could call us at anytime require any help and also we are responsible to maintain and translate a “Nanny Log or Work Schedule” on a daily or week basis. The log will record information of importance to the child's welfare, as well as provide the parents with narrative information about the day and its activities.Details of medications dispensed, meals and nap times will be included.

Employee psychological counseling: We will meet our employee or contact them on a weekly basis for the first month, to discuss any issues/concerns that any of us may have and thereafter on a monthly basis or as and when needed. We try our best to help Employee and Employer communicate with each other. We take the safety and security of your family very seriously.

Monthly Feedback Basis on every month Employer need fill out the feedback sheet before employee get salary include: Employee work evaluation, absenteeism or late and overtime information.

Employee Absenteeism replacement: If the Employee get sick or other reason can not work for while We will send a free temporary helper to cover the time

How Much Does This Cost? The first question that many potential clients ask us is, "What do you charge?" There are many things to take into consideration when comparing fees of various agencies. Unlike many, our services structure compare our fee is competitive locally as well as nationally.

We charge one time serviece fee is 10% of the Employee's first year's salary for a year guarantee

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