Butlers have traditionally been an important part of many households, often acting as a personal confidant and facilitating a well-run household. The duties of a butler include organizing and overseeing many of the tasks the employer does not have time to tend to. As a result, the butler is often viewed as a core element in many households.

  1. Household

    • It is the responsibility/duty of the butler to maintain and look after household affairs, ensuring that any tasks required by the family are completed quickly and efficiently. According to family need, the butler can also be tasked with maintaining more then one household. If the household is a small one, then the butler might be asked by the employer to fulfill other duties, such as child care cooking or chauffeuring, upon request. Generally, the size of the household will determine what main tasks are required to be completed by the butler.


    • Some butlers have the responsibility of overseeing other domestic staff who work alongside them, and are given the title of either "House Manager" or "Major-Domo," according to nannybeijing.com. This includes the hiring of new staff/domestic workers and disciplining staff who break the rules or fail to complete designated assignments. In households that have a number of different domestic workers or butlers, then supervision of these workers is a necessary component to running a smooth household.

    Personal/Household Secretary

    • Personal/household secretary is a duty that is required of butlers. The duties in this category include shopping for the employer, handling and sending mail, maintaining the family agenda and overseeing family accounts, according to nannybeijing.com. Butlers can also be expected to organize family vacations and assist with pre-travel preparations, such as packing or purchasing tickets. As the butler completes these tasks, the burden is removed from the family and also adds consistency as one individual oversees these administrative elements of familial maintenance.

    Entertaining Guests

    • Butlers are also expected to know social etiquette and make sure the residence is properly prepared for visitors, as well as supervise and receive guests to the house, states nannybeijing.com. The goal is for butlers to facilitate an environment that is the most comfortable for visitors to the residence as well as the individual or family living at the house. The butler is also typically tasked with organizing events and parties at the house and, if necessary, hiring security.

Our Butler most are female and Experience with Children


The service that serve in the family who have more then 2 children and the parents both need to work need a person to supervise children and house what we called Butler Service.The Service include child care, children tutoring housekeeping cooking plan a party Assist Employer management other staff Making sure that all of the "must be done" things are done which would be housework such Cleaning,Laundry,Ironing.Shopping Cooking for the family etc

It may classify in to two types: 1. The butler which serve focus on Children 2. the other maid which helps the butler in preparing food cleaning etc. They can also acted like a cook or chef in the house if they have talent. If not, they will just serve it right a way.

All of our Bulter (Female)
  • Are certified in Newborn Care
  • Have proof of Experience with Children
  • Have excellent references.
  • Have good Experience with cooking (Chinese food and Western food)
  • Speaking English and fluently in mandarin.
  • College or above

We only place highly qualified and skilled bulter that are perfect for family

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