Hello Shawn,
It is everything OK with the Teresa. She is a lovely and tactful woman. I was 100% satisfied with your service. It was easy, quickly , flexible and professional . Your company make a good job.
Thank you! Anastasia Riel

Dear Shawn,
So far we are very satisfied. Rao Ming is great with our son (which is the most important thing), cooks well and always shows up on time as far as we know. She is a very very nice person and pleasant to have working in our home in general. She is still a little bit in a learning process concerning some other tasks. We didn't expect anything else. She is very willing to learn and asks if she is unsure.
Thank you very much for your services and take good care of yourself.
Kind Regards,

Dear Shawn,

Thank you for your email. So far we are very happy with Chin Xiao Hong and with your agency.
I think the sheet is working though I will like to know if Chin Xiao Hong has any questions about it.
I am going back to work tomorrow and will be great if she ask any questions that she has before that. I will ask to bring Sebastian to my office for feeding around 3 times a day.

About the May holidays we will need her to work on Monday the 30th of April, Tuesday the 1st of May, and Saturday the 12th and the 26th of May. We will return these days to her in June 21st, 22nd, 25th and 26th. I will let you know in advance about our schedule for the summer so she can plan her holidays with time.

I would like to ask her if she could by her food for breakfast and lunch and we will return the money to her by the end of each week.

Thank you once again Best regards,Silvia

Hi Shawn,
I'm fine, thank you ! Fang is very good, I really happy to have her…So, she's very good nanny! :)
Well, about feedback…First of all, could you please start to write my name correctly :)))
I'm not Elana, but Elena :) Another very important thing - Is it possible to have any recommendation letters for your nannies from any previous job?In my opinion it's very important, as it can help to prevent some disappointments for your customers. Otherwise, thanks a lot for our good nanny :)
Best Regards,

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The selection process begins when you contact us directly or E-mail us with your requirement. Shortly thereafter a representative from the agency will call you to review your application and learn more about your family. We then match the qualities and experience you desire in an employee to one of the highly qualified candidates in our agency. We will only send a candidate for an interview that we believe is highly compatible to your family’s needs and wants. We spend the time to get to know you and your families needs and firmly believe in quality over quantity.

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Nanny Beijing provides baby specialists (nurses) that specialize in single, twins, triplets, premature and colic infants.

Our baby specialists travel anywhere and can work with your family no matter where you live or if you are traveling.

All of our Baby Specialists (nurses)
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  • Have excellent references.
  • Have been interviewed, screened and passed background checks.
  • Most only Chinese Speaking.
  • Are legal to work in China

We only place highly qualified and skilled baby specialists that are perfect for first time parents and are also sensitive to the needs of experienced parents.

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