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Maids and nannies (in Chinese, "Ayi's" are customary help in China. Although the cost is generally Not very high, when choosing your domestic help, decisions should not be made hastily. General rules are that you proceed with caution, and use care and attention to determine your family's individual needs.
Finding efficient staff can make a considerable difference to your family's stay in Beijing. Although Nanny beijing will provide you with the professional assistance, taking time to learn what general practices are in Beijing is helpful in clarifying your own needs. Alternatively, if people you know have a good maid ask if she or he knows of anyone experienced looking for a job. Many of the best maids are found in this way.We have good employee network We believe good will find good .Be patient and prepared to interview several people before you make a choice, especially if you have never had domestic help before. Talk with as many people as possible about the usual division of household duties, the number of servants they employ, whether they live in or out, wages paid, etc. You will find most people are only too willing to share their views! Make a list of all duties you would like a maid to be responsible for, in order of priority. Decide how many helpers you want to employ and note that if you hire several staff, they will usually conform to the traditional domestic hierarchy. Also decide how much you are prepared to pay. Decide whether you would prefer live-in or live-out help. Determine whether it is important to you that staff should be able to read and write in English and/or Chinese.

Suggestions for interviewing: Speak slowly, clearly and be prepared to repeat questions. Remember that Chinese are basically shy, so be friendly and positive. Smiles can work wonders. Be clear in your own mind what you are looking for and what facts you want established. Agree on a specific day off each week. Chinese servants work five to six days per week and most prefer to have Saturday and Sunday free.
It is a wise precaution to obtain and keep details of all the staffs that you employ. Pre-employment Health Check is advisable, especially if you have young children. Arrange for a medical examination. It is advisable to ask staff to sign for receipt of wages each payday. Salaries are usually reviewed on the anniversary of hiring, and you should be aware that salaries are discussed with others, especially in apartment buildings. A bonus equivalent to one month's salary is paid at or before New Year.
Make sure your servants know your name and telephone number. When making known your family routines, demonstrate physically how you want things done as well as giving verbal instructions. Point out your treasures, and remember that valuable antiques may look very like junk to your maid! From the start you should firmly but kindly establish the fact that you are'boss'- that it is your home and you would like it run your way.
Generally it is wise to decide what you need done and then get the appropriate help to carry out these duties. If you need someone to look after the children don't expect the general maid to do this automatically. This must be discussed and written into the job description at the time of hiring. Be very specific about what you expect and there is less room for frustration and miscommunication.
Places to find staff include agencies, notice boards of supermarkets (especially Villa) club notice boards and word of mouth. Someone leaving may recommend taking on their maid or someone who has good domestic help may ask their staff to recommend their family members or friends.

When interviewing, try to ask only open-ended questions, it is much easier to give the correct answer if it is simply yes or no. These types of questions can be more revealing and show how she would perform in specific situations. During your preliminary interview, you should discuss all your expectations about her duties, etc. Salary should be determined as well as a bonus.
While interviewing prospective maids, nannies, drivers or gardeners, bear in mind that they will be interacting with your family on a daily basis. It is not possible to establish whether the interviewee is going to fit into your routine satisfactorily on the strength of one or two meetings. This is something that will become apparent over time. It is also worth remembering that most of the time very little English is understood.
It is important to check references, as written references are generally not worth the paper they're written on. As expatriates prepare to leave they will often give glowing references, perhaps in order to soften the blow of withdrawing employment. It is better to call the previous employer and verify the facts. Another point to consider is that not all expatriates needs and attitudes are the same. What may be acceptable for example to an American expatriate may be totally unacceptable to a South African!
If you are still interested in a Maid, go over the expectations, rules and regulations of your household. We suggest this be in writing so the Maid can study it. Discuss dress, personal hygiene, days off and a probationary period if hired. Also, at this time you can discuss in more detail the optional other incurred costs, i.e. dental care, local and long distance telephone calls, food allowance, uniforms, clothing allowance and yearly bonus.


Family Information

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The selection process begins when you contact us directly or E-mail us with your requirement. Shortly thereafter a representative from the agency will call you to review your application and learn more about your family. We then match the qualities and experience you desire in an employee to one of the highly qualified candidates in our agency. We will only send a candidate for an interview that we believe is highly compatible to your family’s needs and wants. We spend the time to get to know you and your families needs and firmly believe in quality over quantity.

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Butler Service

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The service that serve in the family who have more then 2 children and the parents both need to work need a person to supervise children and house what we called Butler Service.The Service include child care, children tutoring housekeeping cooking plan a party Assist Employer management other staff Making sure that all of the "must be done" things are done which would be housework such Cleaning,Laundry,Ironing.Shopping Cooking for the family etc

It may classify in to two types: 1. The butler which serve focus on Children 2. the other maid which helps the butler in preparing food cleaning etc. They can also acted like a cook or chef in the house if they have talent. If not, they will just serve it right a way.

All of our Bulter (Female)
  • Are certified in Newborn Care
  • Have proof of Experience with Children
  • Have excellent references.
  • Have good Experience with cooking (Chinese food and Western food)
  • Speaking English and fluently in mandarin.
  • College or above

We only place highly qualified and skilled bulter that are perfect for family A nanny ayi, babysitter,childminder, child care, housekeepers baby nurse and Chinese governess or tutors provider in Beijing